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Hook...Line...Sinker is fun for everyone

(News Item #0377, Published: 04/23/19, Author: Cindy Stearns, OceanShores.com)

Fishing Derby has been on for weeks now at St. John's Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church USA. That's the chapel you find on SR 109 at the border of Pacific Beach and Moclips.

It's actually fishing with fishing banks. Gracie the Fish is available to anyone to put in spare change for the One Great Hour of Sharing. This is the 70th anniversary of this ecumenical effort. As a Presbyterian Church USA, three programs are supported with the monies collected. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has helped after the tornado hit Port Orchard, WA, flooding in Nebraska and hurricane in Puerto Rico. Presbyterian Hunger Program helps to fight hunger insecurity globally and locally including the Green Lantern Lunch Program which served 38,000 lunches in the summer of 2018. Presbyterian Self-Development of People offers support for building community gardens, creating restaurants for people to work and serve food in their community and much more.

All the gathering into the "net" was completed Easter Sunday, April 21. Calculating will be completed and categories for the Fish Banks are heaviest fish (most weight in coins), biggest fish (most money in the fish bank) and "net" total (all collected from banks and offering).

This year, St. James Presbyterian Church of La Porte, TX invited #tinybutmighty (the North Beach chapel) to this Fishing Derby. They are another small congregation who last year invited Marshall Presbyterian Church of Marshall, NC to the "friendly" competition. Marshall won the Heaviest Fish category at 5 pounds, 13 ounces (the bulging fish bank had to be held together with duct tape) and the Biggest Fish category. St. James won the Total in the Net competition.

In 2019, totals from each group will be calculated and shared with announcements of the final totals from all three.

Bryce Wiebe, the PC(USA)’s director of Special Offerings who visited the Moclips chapel in March said he is amazed at the ideas that congregations develop to promote giving to OGHS and other offerings.

“For 70 years, Presbyterians have joined together in the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering, and for just as many years, they have had creative ways of engaging with the Offering,” Wiebe said. “From fun displays to playful skits, congregations across the denomination have put their own spin on things to promote the Offering.”

And for the ultimate in the fun, you're invited to join in at 11:30 am, Sunday, April 28. Hook...Line...Sinker will be the fun time to announce all the Fishing Derby numbers. Enjoy fish sticks lunch (no Gracies will be harmed) and play games including Go Fish, coloring your Gracie and go fishing for prizes.

Worship is at 10:30 am and you're invited. St. John's Chapel by the Sea is at 4612 SR 109. For more information, please call Pastor Linda Flatley at 360.276.8143 or email: chapelbytheseapresbyterian@gmail.com.