About Caribe Suites

If you have never been to Moclips Beach then you may not know what is in store.

The further north public beaches on the central Washington coast, we are unlike the other beach downs further south. That is because our homes are directly on the beach while others have hundreds of yards of dunes.

Here you can walk right out and onto the wide sand beaches and into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

This is why we picked this location. Our two beach dreams homes are well - dreamy. Modern, up to date, Internet, three stories to give you absolutely unobstructed views of the beach And so close you can hear the waves.

Our family and friends invested in these homes to have our own places at the beach, with lots of room for everyone.

We made sure there are good beds, a kitchen with every appliances and gadget and, of course, a hot tub too.

You may never have heard of Moclips but you'll never stop talking about it when you get home. And you'll want to come back time and time again.

We would love to have you stay with us.

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